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At Vinbella Winery we only sell grape juice, nothing from concentrate. The juice is shipped from California and around the world, and kept at refrigerated temperatures to keep it from fermenting. To start the process, all the customer needs to do is bring the juice to room temperature. There is no need to add yeast, water or chemicals. It’s completely natural. The yeast from the skins of the grapes will do all of the work converting the sugar to alcohol. It’s really wine making like it was done 2,000 years ago.

Wine fermented on site comes with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. However, many customers choose to make their wine at home. Either way, anything less than complete customer satisfaction is unacceptable.

A significant number of our customers are from wine producing countries who come back again and again for their superior product.

Radek Stobiecki - Owner


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"With more people spending time at home entertaining friends and family, we can't think of anything better than socializing, playing games, sharing good food and enjoying great wine from Vinbella Winery. The wine you make, which takes just two visits, is far less expensive than store bought wine without sacrificing taste or quality..." (read the article)

Featured in

"[Vinbella's] grapes are imported from the best growing regions from around the world, kept at refrigerated temperatures to keep them from fermenting, ready for customers to use. Customers can either make wine at home or on-premises at the store. The wine you make will only take you 2 visits and, without sacrificing taste or quality, is far less expensive than wines purchased at the LCBO...."
(read the article - page 12)

About Vinbella

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